What is a bracecoat?

The bracecoat is an alternative to the conventional waistcoat. The bracecoat consist of two classic European pieces, a waistcoat and braces. Hilton has formed a unique link between the two pieces to design a more modern garment, pushing innovation in men’s fashion. Within the structure of the bracecoat are brace cuts. These cuts allow for braces to access the interior of the waistcoat to attach to a pair of pants from the interior of the waistcoat. Although the bracecoat is made up of two pieces, the braces can be removed which allows you to wear the bracecoat as a conventional waistcoat.

Who’s wearing bracecoats?

People who enjoy unique styles and those who are looked upon as trend setters.  More importantly, those who represents confidences.

Where do I wear a bracecoat?

From formal to casual, the bracecoat is the new menswear signature piece. The bracecoat allows for an extra styling opportunity. To name a few bracecoat occasions:  

· Wedding attire

The two part aspect of the bracecoat will be beneficial for groomsmen. No more searching for that extra color.

· Formal parties

The bracecoat will make it easy to feel good about removing your jacket so you don’t feel restricted while enjoying your occasion.

· Corporate setting

Business is all about separating yourself from the next and the bracecoat was designed for that purpose.

· Date Night

The bracecoat communicates to women like high heels communicate to men. This piece is the perfect piece to make women feel as though she was worth more than just the normal.  

Why should I buy a bracecoat?

People usually don’t like change, but Hilton feels the bracecoat is a fashionable piece that is practical enough to be worn by many. The uniqueness of bracecoat allows for you to stand out.