My name is Marcus Hilton Webb and I believe in living life with focus, drive and purpose. I started Hilton Webb to express these core values though clothing in a way that would inspire others. Hilton Webb is a brand of modern sophistication drawing inspiration from vintage classic menswear. My goal is to work with individuals to create a wardrobe that reflects their determination to be successful. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are key attributes to the Hilton Webb look. With superior service, world class fabrics, and a perfect fit, we produce high quality custom "made-for-purpose" suits and dress shirts.  Hilton Webb is not a fashion company. We are an inspirational company using fashion as a tool to inspire the world.



Hilton Webb suits are made by hand with a Napoli Construction. This famous Italian suiting style features a unconstructed half canvas jacket allowing for more comfort, versatility, and modern sophistication. All suits are made from Italian and English fabrics such as Reda, Dormeuil, Zegna, Vitale Barberis Cononico and Drago. In addition to our luxury fabric selection, We also use premium German high-end designer parts to construct our suits. These parts include Helsa shoulder pads and Kufner canvasing.  Attention to detail is a major attribute to Hilton Webb. We understand the real work within a suit cant be seen, but can definitely be felt.   


Suits are purchased with 2 payments. A deposit and final payment. Customers do not pay the final payment until they are completely satisfied with their purchase. The deposit is due the day of the fitting and will always be half of the suit or package. Prices are as followed:


1000.00 - Entry 


1500.00 - Mid-Range 


2000.00 - High-End 


Lifestyle Package 2700.00 

1 Suit

2 Trousers

3 Dress Shirts

Luxury Package 5700.00 

3 Suits

6 Dress Shirts